June 23, 2014

Pantai Rang Bulan, Kota Belud

After we are back from Taiwan, some of my friends went back to their hometown respectively. However, Esther decided to stay back, since we had just one week of holiday left. So I brought Esther back to my hometown, Kota Belud. 

There are not much to brag about actually in Kota Belud. However, few years back, people had been developing the district and there are now a few places that can be visited. The famous one are Mantanani Island. I have yet to visit the island. Hopefully soon.

Nevertheless, I manage to visit Pantai Rang Bulan with Esther during her stay. I visited the place a few times when I was in secondary school with my friends where we had picnics there. During that time, the place haven't been develop yet and we would walk a great distance to the beach. Now, it can be reach by car but you have to pass by a few village before you reach Pantai Rang Bulan. Be extra careful, because one of Kota Belud is famous for are its cows. They will just be chilling our lying on the road and doing their business.