January 14, 2014

What you need to lose weight/fat?


Many people said to me, "But I don't have a juicer or blender".

I want to make you understand about something. You DO NOT NEED a juicer/blender to start eating healthy! When I lost my first 10kg, I don't even drink any juice or smoothie. I got a conventional juicer at my home town but I am only able to use it when I go back and the best I can do is once a week.

There are a lots of ways you can do to detox and start losing fat. Eat mono-meals, incorporated more vegetables and fruits in your meals, drink infused water, eat less meat and anything processed. Eat simpler, it is good for your digestion and a good digestive system will help your body to function properly. Exercise! 

You have the power in choosing what goes in your body. The choice is always yours! Do not let people makes you think you need this and that to start treating your body of what it deserves.

Sure, a blender or juicer makes things interesting but it is perfectly fine without them. See those grapes, they are perfectly great as it is. There are a lot of people asking me about what I did, and how I did it. I can tell you every detail of what I did but the last call is up to you! 

I am saying this to empowered you! You can eat everything you want! You choose what goes in! Why not choose what is best for your body? 

It is not about restrictions but abundance. Eating all the whole food, fresh fruits and vegetables. I value myself hence I am choosing what is best for me. The satisfaction of doing what is good for the body and putting yourself first. 

I can't stress this enough. You have the power in choosing what goes in your body. The choice is always yours ♡ 

What you need to lose weight / fat? You need You!


  1. OK! haha bila sya baca ni kan sya trbayang mcm ko sdg bagi health talks dgn penuh semangat ni lol! well said! :D

  2. Michelle - hahaha sy pun rasa mcm tu oo.. terlebih semangat hehe

    Thanks! ^^

  3. Nice to read this! Sa suka ♥♥♥

  4. buli jd consultant sda ko dora..hi hi thnk for the sharing by the way

  5. Beaty - haha tu la mcm consultant suda sy rasa.. byk org cari sy d email, fb n whatsapp hehe

    My pleasure! :)

  6. ko punya artikel kan memang bikin semangat ooo .... ayat ko pun macam motivator suda...

  7. Arion - haha thanks! ^^ tu yg org perlu.. semangat.. Everyone is capable to change

  8. Sa pun mo hilang 10kg juga hehehe.. Yosh!! I'll try this method :)

  9. Yes, I agree that it is ok if there is no blender, just eat more fresh fruits and veges and less processed food.

  10. When I lived in Malaysia, I don't really go for exercise. And like a norms, I would say my daily will end by eating late night supper.

    But luckily bow, ever-since I left KL I always try to find some time for fruits and sports.

    And yeah, I do always have this thinking that I need a blender then only I can get my juice. But after reading this, that support my fact that we are the one who control what goes in to our body not the machine or other people.

    Great post.


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