About Me

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog! Most of my friends called me Dora. Finally I have graduated! I am so excited for the new phase in my life! Eudora Priscilla is my full name. You may know me from my blogs before which are and After experiencing both blogging platform; WordPress and Blogger, I kinda miss blogging via Blogger so another Blogger blog it is. I also want to make this blog more personal hence using my own name. Another reason why I decided to make another blog is that 2013 has been a big turning point for me.
I lost more than 15kg up to date! This new blog its like a new beginning for the new me. I would not want to go back to what I was then. With the helped of God and some awesome people, I kick a nasty chronic autoimmune disease in the butt!
 This blog will the story about the past for learning and future for aspirations. Stay tune to read more!

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