August 15, 2015

Althea Korea: My New Favourite Korean Online Shop

Hello everyone!

I was falling in love with Korean products when my friend introduce to me the Precious Mineral Any Cushion from Etude House. Quite a lot of people compliment me on my skin. Now you know how I achieve those flawless skin. All thanks to BB cushion! I almost run out of it so I was desperate to find a replacement.

I was very careful when I shop online because I have my share of bad experience. So when I saw this ads on Facebook about a Korean online website, I did't put much hope in it. Moreover direct shipping from Korea. 10-15 days of shipping? That would be 10-15 days waiting torture. However, when I was scrolling through Althea, I could't believe how cheap the Precious Mineral Any Cushion from Etude House was. Less than half the price of 72% discount off! I can buy 4 of it online with the one I bought last time. Moreover, I could't past out the RM20 discount with RM150 purchases so I give it a try!

To my surprise, my parcel arrived in 7 days from the day I placed my orders. I really like it that they emailed and gave me the tracking number which is great for anxious buyer like me to keep track of my orders.

Here are my parcel! I know not really worth the excitement for I only bought 2 products. But I know some of you can understand the feeling when your online purchase arrived.

I end up buying Laneige BB Cushion instead which I believe cheaper than the one at store. I heard many good review about this BB Cushion so I really want to give it a try. I also bought Black Sugar Mask which is a rave by some of the Youtuber. I did't buy much, just over RM150 so that I can get the RM20 discount and I end paying less than RM150 after the discount which I am very happy about.

I love the packaging!

The two products I bought.

 Laneige BB Cushion

Black Sugar Mask
Cute packaging!

I might do a review about this two product if you are keen.

This will not be my final purchase or review about this website. Visit their site if you are interested to get authentic, best price guarantee korean products.

Website: Althea Korea
Facebook: Althea Korea
Instagram: Althea Korea

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wah..this is sooo nice! Thanks for sharing mandak :)

  2. waaaa habisslaa...trus sy pun mau try haha

    1. Hahaha try la. not bad service and products da. Mmg murah

  3. Ok I wanna try to buy laneige pula la ni...I've tried the black sugar....doesn't work well on me...tapi lain org lain ba kali...

  4. I have heard a lot of good things about this webste. I might just give it a go one of these days because I am really getting into Korean skincare. :)


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