June 23, 2014

Pantai Rang Bulan, Kota Belud

After we are back from Taiwan, some of my friends went back to their hometown respectively. However, Esther decided to stay back, since we had just one week of holiday left. So I brought Esther back to my hometown, Kota Belud. 

There are not much to brag about actually in Kota Belud. However, few years back, people had been developing the district and there are now a few places that can be visited. The famous one are Mantanani Island. I have yet to visit the island. Hopefully soon.

Nevertheless, I manage to visit Pantai Rang Bulan with Esther during her stay. I visited the place a few times when I was in secondary school with my friends where we had picnics there. During that time, the place haven't been develop yet and we would walk a great distance to the beach. Now, it can be reach by car but you have to pass by a few village before you reach Pantai Rang Bulan. Be extra careful, because one of Kota Belud is famous for are its cows. They will just be chilling our lying on the road and doing their business. 

At first, I was clueless on how to go about driving there, but thanks to Waze, we were able to find the place. It was about 20-25 minutes from Kota Belud town. Pantai Rang Bulan are divided into 3 section.

Pantai Rang Bulan: Beach 1

Pantai Rang Bulan: Beach 2

When we arrived, there was 2 women and 1 small children playing by the beach. 

Pantai Rang Bulan: Beach 3

I am not really sure about which is which between beach 1 and beach 3. I assumed the signboard that shows the name of the place is consider as beach 1. Our visit is on the weekdays so there were no one there, except for the few people playing with the sand at beach 2. 

Its indeed a beautiful place to visit. The place is still consider clean and I hope it stays that way.  


  1. Very nice beach! You are looking very good!

  2. Dephie: Yes indeed! great for picnics :D

  3. I've never been to Pantai Rang Bulan, and I don't remember going to Kota Belud before haha. Seems like I haven't pusing Sabah yet. I haven't even been to Tawau too.

    Anyways, the beach looks awesome. I think it's good that it's not really near town, or there would a lot of people at the beach. I prefer beaches that have less people cuz it's calmer. :P

    Happy Wednesday, Dora.

  4. The beach is awesome..siok lari2 sana o

  5. Kota Belud.. Emm.. it would be my hometown too but..

  6. I've tagged/nominated you in The Liebster Award. Congratulations! Link to the post :

  7. Very nice pictures - thank you! Is this the same place as Buah Pandai?

  8. Framichele - yes! Buah Pandai is actually the name of the village where Pantai Rang Bulan is located

  9. Thank you for the fast reply: that's good - I plan to go to this place next January... (on the way from KK to Kudat)

  10. Framichele - That would be great! Hope you enjoy your trip there :)

  11. Thank you. I planned also to visit some islands in the Kudat / Banggi area: but now I learned, that this region is in a similar way unsafe like at Semporna... So your location is a very good alternative :-)

  12. Kg pantai rang bulan kg saya, cuma gambar ketujuh ptama sahaja pantai rangbulan,gambar seterusnya adalah lok kapal and kestum/lok lia. Kampung yg bbeza tp masih dlm ketogeri teluk usukan. Terima kasih kerana menulis tentang kg pantai rangbulan. Teluk usukan ada beberapa buah kg antaranya ialah lok lia/kestum, lok kapal, pantai rangbulan and buah pandai.. terima kasih kerana sudi mempromosikan tempat kami


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