June 19, 2015

SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox Review

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to do a quick review about the SkinnyMint TeaTox that I have been testing out the past 28 days. 

The claims:

Teatoxing claims to helps you to boost your metabolism, flush out toxins, reduce bloating and burn fat. 

My result:

The SkinyMint 28 days Teatox program have incorporate 2 type of teas: Morning Boost and Night Cleanse. 
Between the two teas, I enjoy the Morning Boost better. It does wake me up because the caffeine in it especially during the afternoon where I have extra classes to teach. It taste better than the night cleanse. For the Night Cleanse, the flavor is totally the same as the Teh Orang Kampung where you can find at your local store Watson or Guardian. For some, the Night Cleanse probably is kinda hard to consume as it have a slight strong flavor. 

While consuming the teas, I did notice my bloating reduce a lot. My stomach feel flat and I did see slight changes on how my clothes fits. I feel leaner in certain parts of my body. For the 28 days, I was able to lose 1-2KG. 

Will I buy it again?

I am 50/50 on this. If you want to test the product out by all means do it. Different people probably have different results. However, the teas or other teatox teas out there suppresses your appetite that probably would help you in a short term but not in a long run. What you should understand is that there are no quick fix in reducing your weight/fat. But it probably can help you kick start your goals. I think permanent changes require consistent pursuit. 

If you are keen on trying this teatox teas, you can get yours at

Till then, have a great weekend! 


  1. I did made the second purchased. Baru sa realized klu buat work out it did helped to burn some fat ni coz my fat percentage was dropping alot from almost 50% to 44.1 as of yesterday. Tapi berat masi sama la....just that some part of my body start to get firmer and toned.Nda tau la tp ni my own experience lain org lain kali and lain exercise routine pun play huge part juga tu...

    1. Good for you! Dropping fat percentage is better than dropping weight bah :)

  2. Where to buy ni detox tea? the packaging looks so cumil!! :)

    1. Haiya I should include that in the post bah kan lupa pula. Bought online at :)

  3. Hi Endora, how you doin'? Remember me, Lee from Canada. That 'Tea tox' is good, but if you want to slow down aging, have a beautiful complexion, be healthy always and energized, try Bee Pollen.....check it out. Its good for you.
    Best regards, you keep a song in your heart,


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