December 20, 2014

How to Block Facebook Games Application Invites

Hello everyone!

I am sure like me, some of you can get very annoyed with the games invitation from people right? Recently I get a lot of Pirate Kings invitation. Most of the time I just ignored it. However if it keep on happening, I get very frustrated!

So this is how you block games or any application on Facebook:

1. First click on the small upside down triangle parallel to your profile and home button.
2. Click on settings

3. After you click of setting, you can see a lot of subtitles on the left. Click on "Blocking"

4. Search for "Block apps". Insert the application you want to block then you are done.

As you can see below, I have block a number of apps. You can also block users, app invites from someone, event invitations from someone or block a Page

Hope this helps ease those frustration. Unless you are one of the people playing all those games then sorry for you.

Have a great day ahead! 

December 14, 2014

The Things I did to Lose Weight

Hello there,

I wrote this post since a long time ago. Only now I have the chance to edit and publish it.

The heaviest I weigh was 65kg. Now That was not really heavy but for an average size body structure like mine, that was big! I am only 159cm. I was not a picture of health.

I was not happy about my weight. Like most girls, I try many diet, teas, and supplements for weight loss. During the holiday I would exercise 5 to 6 times a week. Eat so little, I didn't feel satisfied. 

Little did I know, there are more seriously issues that was coming my way at that time. I got seriously sick. 

Tho my first intention in changing my lifestyles is to get rid of my illness, I lose weight along the way. When you are healthy, other issues disappear too. In my case it was layer of fats. 

I learned that losing weight sustainable is not about burning and counting calories. Trust me I did it. Although some have succeed in doing it, it was not for me. I also do not want to feel so restricted in counting calories in the food I eat. Calories are not created equal! Creating the proper hormonal environment in the body that's conducive to weight loss is the key. Stress and emotional issues can also cause in balance hormonal environment.  So we need to take holistic approach that looks at our whole area of life, as much as what and when we eat. 

The keys to my transformation and weight loss are:

December 13, 2014


After so long, finally I have the urge to write up about my final semester. This semester was seriously one hectic semester for all of us. Not long after the 8th semester opens, we had to go to school for Internship for a month. The best thing about Internship was there are no lecturers who would come and visit us. Evaluations was done solely by the school. However, you have to focus on your Action Research. I seriously would advice you to get it done as early as the 7th semester practicum. The lecturers will advice you to do the same. Initial survey, interviews or what ever your method of data collection will be, get it done early. One month is not enough to do a research. Unless you want a crappy one then maybe one month will just be sufficient. During the one month period, the school will also assigned you with projects and make used of your one month at the school to get some things done. That is why, you probably have no time for your action research. Start early kids!  

During the last day of Internship

December 3, 2014

DiGi 4G LTE: Ada suda di Sabah bah! (Advertorial)

On the 28th November I got invited to witness the DiGi Telecommunications (DiGi) launched their 4G LTE services in Kota Kinabalu at Suria Sabah. 

June 23, 2014

Pantai Rang Bulan, Kota Belud

After we are back from Taiwan, some of my friends went back to their hometown respectively. However, Esther decided to stay back, since we had just one week of holiday left. So I brought Esther back to my hometown, Kota Belud. 

There are not much to brag about actually in Kota Belud. However, few years back, people had been developing the district and there are now a few places that can be visited. The famous one are Mantanani Island. I have yet to visit the island. Hopefully soon.

Nevertheless, I manage to visit Pantai Rang Bulan with Esther during her stay. I visited the place a few times when I was in secondary school with my friends where we had picnics there. During that time, the place haven't been develop yet and we would walk a great distance to the beach. Now, it can be reach by car but you have to pass by a few village before you reach Pantai Rang Bulan. Be extra careful, because one of Kota Belud is famous for are its cows. They will just be chilling our lying on the road and doing their business. 

March 24, 2014

Mid Semester Holiday

This post was  first publish via Dayre, but since not everyone is on Dayre, I might just post this here, again. Haha.. With some additional cuts and adds. Click the link to see the original post. 

Hello peeps! Its officially holidays for me. Happy holidays to all teachers! I could use the break after 2 months practicum. Not that I have much to complaints tho. 

February 1, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014!


It is the second day of Chinese New Year, I think it is still valid to wish everyone who is celebrating a wonderful prosperous new year ahead. Hope that the year of the horse will bring prosperity to everyone.

I opt for yellow for the first day of Chinese New Year this year. I am madly in love with yellow these days. It looks good on me and plus I love how yellow gives a bright sunny and portray positivity.

I'll share some of my clothes I'd purchase for the New Year.

January 14, 2014

What you need to lose weight/fat?


Many people said to me, "But I don't have a juicer or blender".

I want to make you understand about something. You DO NOT NEED a juicer/blender to start eating healthy! When I lost my first 10kg, I don't even drink any juice or smoothie. I got a conventional juicer at my home town but I am only able to use it when I go back and the best I can do is once a week.

January 12, 2014

Juices vs Smoothies

If have been following me through my Instagram you would know I am obsessed with juices and smoothies. I would have them all day if I could. 

Today lets see some differences between juices and smoothies and whether juicing and blending is your thing. 

January 4, 2014

2014 New Year Resolutions


It is already way past New Year but we are still in early January so I think it is still valid to wish you Happy New Year 2014. I think it is not too late to set my resolutions this year. The most important thing about resolution is that you act on it. Doesn't matter when you decided on it. The important thing is when you DO IT!

So here are some of mine