July 7, 2016

My First Apartment Part 1

Hello everyone!

Ever since I started college or to be exact towards the end of my studying year, I always wanted a place of my own. I would ALWAYS tell my mum that I wanted to buy a house and asks her to pray for it. I could have not have stress it enough the power of prayers.

It all started on 13th October 2015, I started to get serious looking for a place. I have make up my mind that:

  • I want an apartment. Not a terraced house or anything bigger. I don't want a big house. First it would take a lot of energy to clean. Plus, I don't really need it. Minimalism, one of the things that I am passionate about these days but that would be another post.
  • I want an apartment near the city. First its because of investment purposes. If I decided I don't want to stay here anymore. I can always rent it out. As you all know, I am posted back to my hometown. It is great! No complaints with that. However, I don't want to be there my whole life. I want to be able to get out and do things on my own.
  • I set budget for myself. This one depends on your salary. How much you are willing to pay for your monthly installment.
Its important for you to make up your mind about these things first. It will help to make your search and decisions easier. Other people have other things they need to consider. For example, distance between workplace. It is up to you. What is important to you.

One more important thing, you need to start saving! You need to have at least 10% money ready for the deposit of the house. For example, the house is 400k, you need to have 40k in hand. Its a large sum, but its not impossible. 

On the night of 13th October 2015 I start to search online, There are lots of place to search and I found mine at I would also take the pamphlets of new development. They usually set up stall at Citymall. so that night I searched, within just a few minutes, I found an apartment that I am interested in. 

14th October 2015, on such a short notice I asked Nick to accompany to go down to KK. I want to view an apartment and the showroom for UUC. It was such a short notice that I contacted the property agent that morning if I can view the apartment. Gladly he was able to arrange it for me.

For privacy purposes I decided to covered the apartment's name
A friend of mine work for the developer of UUC so I contacted her to view the showroom. She brought us to view the show room. My first thought was, "sempitnya". I was making eye contact with Nick and tho we did't say a thing I knew we had the same thought. The facilities are nice. However, I was not impressed with the place.

After that, Daniel, my property agent was able to arrange a time for us at 3.30pm. We went there and see the place. Its on the first floor. Apartment fully furnished and well maintained. Tho the area is not as good well maintained as other new development, I fall in love with the apartment instantly.

But.. There was a prospect buyer before me..

To be continued....


  1. congrats dora..siok ada own place srndiri kan..

  2. congrats dora..siok ada own place srndiri kan..

  3. Hi Dora the... haha nda ba. Lama nda 'jumpa' haha. Still blogging strongly I see. Awesome.

    Anyways, so did you get it? Hopefully the other buyer changes his mind. Or hopefully, you got a view of another much better place hehe.

    Happy Wednesday and kirim salam si Nick.


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