June 4, 2016

Life Updates: Brother's Wedding

Hello everyone!

It has been months since I blog. None the less I still keep up with most of the Sabahan Blogger through their social media.

Chegu Carol, congratulation on your baby girl. Baby Sunduvanza, she is just precious!

Michelle, congratulation on your wedding day. May your marriage be blessed!

I see Fay and Jess went on a lot of adventure and marathons lately. I really admire your journey! It inspire me to start getting active again.

Larraine, how was your examination?

2016 is my second year of working and things has gotten a little more hectic as I am asked to be teach one of the UPSR class this year.

A lot has happened this passed years.

One of it was my brother's wedding.

The only sibling I have, my brother is 10 years older than me. When I found out he is going to tie the knot I was beyond happy and a bit anxious. It turns out to be the most hectic days of my life. However it turn out wonderfully and I am so glad that its done.

There were three venues for my brother's wedding:

Sandakan, the bride's side (28th of December 2015)
Pacific Sutera, solemnization ( 3rd of January 2016)
Kota Belud, the groom's side (9th of January 2016)

Now you can understand how hectic it was. The events happened 3 weekends in a row! 'sigh'

Here are some pictures
Sandakan: Yamseng!
Pasicif Sutera: M.S Columbus
Here are some picture during the wedding reception at Kota Belud. Which was done at my school's hall.

Mummy and me
After all the guests went home
Preparing for a wedding is really something that I am not looking forward to. Hahaha..
Don't get me wrong, I love weddings!

Till then, have a great day everyone!


  1. Hi Dora!

    YAYYY an update! :)
    Luckily we all connected through other social media as well, blogging sekarang pandai ada mood malas etc hahaha

  2. Hey, thank you for mentioning me here. My exam start next week.Gotta stay strong here!


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